Yuan Pan

Environmentalism In Japanese Animated Film
  • Kevin Cheung
  • Yuan Pen

This episode will take you to a multidisciplinary discussion between RadioNatura team member Kevin Cheung and Yuan Pan, a conservation scientist and Studio Ghibli enthusiast. For her, the Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli is a dynamic way to expose the greater public to the existing complex environmental issues considering the studio can accurately portray conservation-based issues while still retaining appeal to mainstream audiences.

Our relationship with nature can be complex, and a part of natural conservation is about changing our current relationship with nature. Animated movies with meaningful storylines can be a powerful tool to transform audiences and altogether change our opinions about nature. 

Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of Studio Ghibli is acknowledged for his environmentalist movies. His stories transcend cultural and age barriers – providing stories that can question our morality and transform people at their core. As we seek ways to fight climate change, it is essential to remember what Miyazaki has taught us: nature is not just a nice place. Nature can fight back and it’s not always tame.

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