A Study Tour to Shimokawa, Hokkaido, Japan: Part 2


Students and faculty from International Christian University went on a study tour to Shimokawa town, in the northern part of Japan (Hokkaido). It is 90% covered by forest and hence is a town rich in natural resources. By sustainably managing its natural resources and circulating them within its boundaries, it aims to become a self-sufficient, resilient society.  The town is recognized for its sustainable forest management efforts and actions to generate new value through local sustainability initiatives. It was selected as one of the 29 cities in the SDGs Future City project. This trip was sponsored and made possible by the ICU Foundation. Therefore, this episode compiles all the teachings and reflections of ICU and RadioNatura podcast participants gathered from visiting and talking to the locals. The discussions include how and why biomass energy was introduced into the town, what brought them to live in Shimokawa and their perspectives on local sustainability in the future. 

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