Resa Boenard
The Princess of the Dump

Interviewed by Shotaro Inagaki

This episode takes you through the journey of Resa Boenard, an environmental and humanitarian activist, who shares her story behind starting “The Seeds of Bantar Gebang” (BGBJ). Her school in West Java, Indonesia, located inside South-East Asia’s largest landfill, provides education and hope to the children of trash heroes who work the trash fields. BGBJ also has a social enterprise through a hostel that allows people to experience living at a dumping site, volunteering for the community, or doing research. In this discussion, she covers her life’s work, what it was like growing up in Bantar Gebang, and her vision for starting and maintaining BGBJ alive. All efforts combined have shaped a larger environmental movement around love, mindfulness, and humanitarianism. To learn more about her story, please visit’s  campaign.

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