Press Features

La Nacion, September 11, 1998.
“INBio Extiende Fronteras”

Deseret News, October 2, 1998
“Utahns Preserving Rain Forest as a Heaven for Eco-Tourists”

Tico Times, January 18, 2002
“Chimp Expert Visits Costa Rica”

Letter From Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson

Environmental News Network
“Costa Rican Rainforest preserved by Utah Businessmen as Conservation and Education Model”

Alliance for new Humanity Conference November 18, 2003
Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez to receive prestigious “2003 Pax Natura Award”

Deseret News Friday Marcy 9, 2007
U. and Salt Lake City going green on gases

NACIONCosta Rica, Viernes 21 de Septiembre de 2007
The Pax Natura Foundation donated $1 million