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Peace CerealAt Peace Cereal our mission is to serve you by making deliciously natural and healthy cereal, as well as to serve the world community by utilizing responsible business practices and donating 10% of our profits to peace.Yogi Bhajan, Founder of Organic Peace CerealYogi Bhajan, Founder
A Peaceful Vision is Born
Peace Cereal was introduced by Golden Temple in 1997 as a way to support a more loving planet. It was an instant success, and has grown from four delicious flavors to our current twelve varieties. More importantly, at Peace Cereal, we have an organically good idea to share. We believe peace begins at the grassroots level, one person at a time. If people can discover deep inner peace, then slowly, we can begin to create more peaceful working environments, homes and, finally, communities.
Golden Temple, our parent company, is privately owned by a nonprofit organization and was founded by Yogi Bhajan. Golden Temple started Peace Cereal with the wisdom of 30 years of creating quality natural cereals. As a result,
we have always used organic oats and spices and made sure our products were certified Grown and Processed without genetic engineering. Our Organic Processing Equipment
125,000 square foot factory in Eugene Oregon is also fully certified by the FDA and the Department of Agriculture, with a superior rating for food hygiene, safety and quality control from the American Institute of Baking.
In 2002, we added three cereals specially formulated to make “Heart Sense.” This year we were pleased to increase the organic percentage of our cereals: 7 are now 95% or more organic and the remaining 5 exceed 70%. In addition to our concern with your good health, we are also concerned with others. Golden Temple hosts the annual Socially Responsible Business Awards breakfast, honoring socially responsible businesses in the natural foods industry.