The Pax Natura Foundation will receive the Honorary Distinguished Alumnus Award. As their name reflects, they have made a universal declaration of peace with nature. Pax Natura Foundation (PNF) is a nonprofit, charitable and educational foundation that has acquired and protected more than 500 acres of primary forest in Costa Rica with an additional 60,000 acres as a link in the critical Meso-American Biodiversity Corridor. In March 2007 they partnered with the University of Utah College of Humanities and Salt Lake City to preserve the Costa Rican rain forest and at the same time reduce greenhouse gases through a unique carbon offset program. PNF has received the Gold Standard for CCB Certification from the Rainforest Alliance because of their work in Costa Rica. PNF president and founder Randall Tolpinrud (B.S. Philosophy ’74, M.S. Geography ’93) will receive the award on behalf of the Foundation

Humanities at the University of Utah

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