P9090138It was an extraordinary day under the olive trees at the home of Forrest Cuch with members of the Ute and Sioux tribes celebrating the lives of two very brave Peace Warriors! LaDonna Brave Bull Allard and Bobbi Jean Three Legs HuYamni, members of the Lakota Sioux Nation, started the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline resistance with a handful of friends and family. What began as an effort to halt the pipeline under a portion of LaDonna’s property, where her son was buried, grew into an international movement of resistance not only to the laying of oil pipelines, but resistance to the very core of injustice and exploitation the world over. The few family and friends who stood up with LaDonna and Bobbi Jean to powerful economic interests, soon grew to over 100,000 people from all over the world. The stories they shared with us last saturday will resonate with all who were fortunate enough to attend this award ceremony. It was with great pride and deep appreciation for these two very brave souls that we honored them on behalf of all people concerned about the environmental crisis we face. They stood up and said no, no to more destruction, no to more polluted water, no to the injustice of environmental degradation. We will be posting the experiences they shared with us last Saturday on our website but it will be hard to convey the very beautiful experience we all felt being in their presence. Thank you all for coming and a special thank you to Forrest Cuch for his hospitality and efforts that made this such a wonderful event.







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