Kimberly Gamarra of the Radio Natura podcast has been selected to participate in the Oxford Human Rights Consortium’s annual workshop at Oxford University on March 14-22, 2022. She will showcase Pax Natura Foundation’s global efforts toward environmental sustainability within a human development context at this prestigious event.

Kimberly Gamarra is doing pediatric research at the genetic teaching lab in the department of biology at the University of Utah. She is a board member of the non-profit, “Generations of Legacies,” where she works on mobilizing the youth in Utah to engage in climate action. She has been involved in the creation of the Radio Natura podcast, a youth initiative of the Pax Natura Foundation that is showcasing global projects, environmental startups, and dialogue around rethinking sustainability within a human development context. She was awarded the Youthlinc Young Humanitarian Award – a national award recognizing her efforts to bridge science and human rights amongst the youth.

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