The Pax Natura Foundation continues to work with the Union of Concerned Scientists in Mexico to prevent the spread of Genetically Engineered Corn (Transgenics) in Mexico. Because Pax Natura published Mr. Steven M. Druker’s book, “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” in Spanish, the Union was able to win a Mexican Supreme Court decision against Monsanto banning the production of GMO’s in the country for now. After a series of press conferences sponsored by Pax Natura in Mexico during 2019, the Mexican Academy of Sciences has invited Mr. Druker and the Pax Natura Foundation to address the Academy in March of 2020. The Union of Concerned Scientists have repeatedly expressed deep appreciation to Pax Natura for helping Mexico resist industrial food production in the country which, if implemented at scale, could destroy traditional maize corn, so integral for centuries to indigenous Mexican culture.

According to Mr. Druker, “In one of the landmark events in the history of biotechnology, the Mexican Academy of Sciences has established the strength of the argument that GMOs are unacceptably risky. It has also demonstrated how the claims about GMO safety are crucially dependent on misinformation. Moreover, it has exposed the astonishing degree to which, like many other scientific institutions, it is more dedicated to protecting the image of GMOs than to upholding basic standards of science and protecting public health.

We continue to assist in maintaining food integrity globally. It’s a call to action that is time sensitive and impacts all of us. We will continue to help spread the word and participate in preserving the cultural practices of generations of farmers who know their crops better than anyone.







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