Jose Fachin

Indigenous Right In The Peruvian Amazon
  • Interviewed by: Nicolle Gamarra
  • Translated by: Leticia Huerta & Mario Zamora

From the Kichwa people in the Peruvian Amazon, speaks José Fachín, an indigenous leader, who has been involved in the fight for the conservation of the environment and human rights for more than 30 years. For 20 minutes, our interviewee will transport us to the Peruvian Amazon, talk about his experiences, what community and group he represents, share the current indigenous agenda, and describe the struggle, new challenges and perception of the Amazonian peoples regarding important topics such as nature. For Fachín, nature not only has an economic value, but also has a spiritual and cultural significance and, most importantly, it is life. Therefore, we must begin by forging a collective conscience, where it is understood that everyone’s voice deserves to be taken into account in order to cultivate a future for next generations. Join us to learn more about Fachin, his struggle and the project in the Peruvian Amazon.

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