Pax Natura Foundation –

Randall Tolpinrud –

While wars over the centuries among nations have ravaged the human population, an undeclared war has also been raging against the natural world. This conflict, according to the Pax Natura Foundation, while complex and difficult to define, in many ways now appears to constitute a potentially far more serious threat to the long-term survival of life on Earth as we know it. Reports of mass destruction continue to come from ecologists, biologists, meteorologists, and concerned individuals from many disciplines. On the front lines of this conflict are the decline of clean air and water, the relentless restructuring of the atmosphere and climate, the clearing of the rainforests, the destruction of the coral reefs, the random restructure of natural gene pools, and a host of other violent acts against nature.

The Pax Natura Foundation promotes “peace with nature” by empowering local communities to preserve the environment while stimulating local economic growth. Pax Natura achieves this by dire …

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