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The Bosque Lluvioso Foundation is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are therefore tax-deductible for the donor to the fullest extent established by law.


Becoming a member of The Bosque Lluvioso Foundation means you will participate in the preservation of the Bosque and surrounding forests and the educational enrichment of the intrinsic value of tropical rainforests world-wide. Membership entitles you to a discount on rainforest tours, newsletter, and for sustaining members and above, a Bosque Lluvioso Rio Costa Rica t-shirt.Your donations may be applied entirely to preserve and expand the Bosque Lluvioso rain-forest and/or you can designate your donation to help build the environmental education Bosque Lluvioso Exploratory. The Exploratory is the economic foundation of the project.In 2003 (year 4), income generated from Education/ Infrastructure and Research Projects will begin to establish fiscal self-sufficiency – economic sustainability. After 2003, contributions will be allocated to the Foundation Endowment Fund. (5-year figures available upon request.)To donate by phone call (801)463-4675 or select the PayPal link to the right. To become a member please enter your email information on the right.