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The Pax Natura Award is a prestigious recognition of an individual whose work exemplifies the pinnacle value of The Pax Nature Foundation: 

“To create peace with nature on all levels for the preservation of life on this beautiful Planet Earth.”  

Each year, an award recipient receives $10,000 dollars and the Pax Natura “Golden Toad” award plate, custom designed by Arizona glass artist Cheryl Merz. Through this  acknowledgement, Pax Natura Foundation hopes to focus local and international attention on those individuals whose vision and efforts have resulted in healing the division between the human community and the natural world. 

On February 5th, 2019, The Pax Natura Foundation with special help from Trustee Ana Baez at the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry, presented the Pax Natura Award to Ms. Christiana Figueres. 

As Secretary General of the UNFCCC at COP-15 in Paris in 2015, Ms. Figueres was able to secure an historic Climate Agreement between 192-UN Member Nations to replace the Kyoto Protocol. 

Ms. Figueres also agreed to be interviewed for a Documentary film on Costa Rica by Pax Natura Foundation. The ceremony was attended by the country’s political and environmental leadership and Pax Natura Trustees. 

The impactful environmental work of recipients is as diverse as their nationalities. Our recipients are from around the world. 

In 2019, Christiana Figueres, was recognized for her work to secure an historic climate agreement. 

In 2017, the Award recipients were Lakota Sioux Nation Elders: LaDonna Brave Bull Allard and Bobbi Jean Three Legs. 

In 2016, Ana Baez from Costa Rica, was recognized for her work as the President of Conservacion Consultores. 

In 2015, Rosendo Martinez was awarded for his conservation work that upheld the organizations values.

The Pax Natura Foundation welcomes suggestions for eligible candidates from the local and international communities to be considered for the award.

You can contact us with your suggestions here: Contact Us.