Salt Lake City

OFFICE OF THE MAYOR September12,2002


President Adel Pacheco
Casa Presidentiale
San Jose, Costa Rica

Dear President Pacheco:

OFFICE OF THE MAYOR September12,2002

The people of Salt Lake City extend their greetings to you. We are honored that you have chosen to work with Pax Natura Foundation and the Bosque Lluvioso Project. We are very proud of the Utah trustees associated with the project.

I spent ten days in the Costa Rican rainforest last summer, during which time my son and I took an exciting river trip down the beautiful Pacuare River.

We must all join together in support of your efforts to protect the Costa Rican rainforest. We are sincerely grateful for your commitment to improving the environment worldwide by addressing peace with nature in the Costa Rican Constitution.

We send you best wishes and congratulations for your extraordinary vision.






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