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Quick Project Update:
The Peace With Nature in Costa Rica documentary is out and being released to film festivals now.  More Info >

Peace With Nature

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and promote the ecological health and well being of the natural world. Our diverse initiatives include agro-ecology, avoided deforestation, carbon credits (REDD), renewable-energy development, biodiversity conservation, watershed protection, exposing the risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and partnering with other conservation organizations.

Laying the Foundation for a Sustainable Future

Join us in declaring peace with nature and acknowledging our responsibility to the greater web of life, to one another, and to future generations. Read our Charter, and our Declaration.

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Pax Natura

Current Projects

Help struggling communities thrive and lush forests survive.

If the time is not right to donate today, get involved through changing tiny habits.  Here are some of the ways you can get involved…


News & Updates 

Our Documentary Wins at 2022 Social Impact Film and Art Festival

Thank you to the 2022 SIFA Festival judges for selecting ‘Peace With Nature In Costa Rica’ as the Best Social Impact Film in the Environmental Film Category.

Radio Natura Episode 12: Rikihiro Aoyama

Mr. Rikihiro Aoyama, the representative director of the company Locomotive Co., Ltd., helps the world utilize pre-existing resources for a sustainable future. If you are interested in a career in the environmental sector, listen to this episode.

Radio Natura Episode 11: Randall Tolpinrud

Pax Natura Co-founder, Randall Tolpinrud, shares his journey into evironmentalism and his powerful insight into the many ways it can be done.

Kimberly Gamarra selected for Oxford Human Rights Consortium

Radio Natura’s Kimberly Gamarra to showcase Pax Natura Foundation’s global efforts toward environmental sustainability within a human development context at Oxford Human Rights Consortium 2022.

Radio Natura Episode 10: Resa Boenard

This episode, THE PRINCESS OF THE DUMP, takes you through the journey of Resa Boenard, an environmental and humanitarian activist, who shares her story behind starting “The Seeds of Bantar Gebang” (BGBJ).

Radio Natura Episode 9: Tjisse van der Heide

In this episode we explore coastal ecosystem restoration and the innovative system that Prof. Tjisse Van Der Heide and his colleagues are working on to accomplish this.

Radio Natura Episode 8: Dr. Pauline Phemister, Dr. Robert Glasser

In this interdisciplinary discussion, Dr. Phemister and Dr. Glasser further explore the global, practical importance of strengthening one’s personal relationship with the natural world.

Radio Natura Episode 7: Dr. Pauline Phemister

We know we should be making dramatic lifestyle changes, but why do we not always make those changes? Environmental philosopher Dr. Pauline Phemister, joins us for perspective and motivation.

Pax Natura celebrates first-ever awarding of The Earthshot Prize

First-ever Winners of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize announced, including the Republic of Costa Rica


Radio Natura Episode 6- Yuan Pan: Environmentalism in Japanese Animated Film

Animated movies with meaningful storylines can be a powerful tool to transform audiences and altogether change our opinions about nature. Joining us for this topic is conservation scientist Yuan Pan.

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