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Pax Natura Foundation works to promote and protect the ecological health and well being of the natural world through a diverse set of initiatives.”

Laying the Foundation for a Sustainable Future

Join us in declaring peace with nature and acknowledging our responsibility to the greater web of life, to one another, and to future generations. Read our Charter, and our Declaration.

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Help struggling communities thrive and lush forests survive.

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News & Updates 

Join the Global Movement: Protect Our Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty from GMO Threats

In a world increasingly dominated by GMO crops, the need for collective action has never been more urgent. From Mexico to the European Union, the resistance against GMOs is gaining momentum, as seen in the joint declaration in defense of biodiversity, seed, and food...

“Seeds Of Sovereignty” Documentary

In Mexico, corn transcends its status as a mere crop, embodying the nation’s cultural identity and millennia-old traditions, notably through the milpa farming system. “Seeds of Sovereignty” explores the extensive repercussions of employing GMO corn and glyphosate on human health, the environment, and farmer livelihoods.

Unveiling the Truth Behind GM Crops

A deeper look at the realities of genetically modified crops.

Empowering Youth Voices: Highlighting Leading Climate and Environmental Organizations

These organizations represent just a fraction of the many youth-led initiatives driving positive change in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. By amplifying youth voices and empowering young activists, we can build a more sustainable and equitable future for generations to come.

Unveiling the Tapestry of Human Resilience: A Review of Hannah Ritchie’s “Not the End of the World”

At its heart, “Not the End of the World” is a story of hope—a beacon of light shining amidst the darkness of uncertainty. Through her exploration of themes such as resilience, community, and the indomitable human spirit, Ritchie reminds us that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, there is always room for redemption and renewal.

Triumph for Nature: Panama’s Supreme Court Halts Largest Copper Mine in a Landmark Environmental Victory

At the Pax Natura Foundation, we have always advocated for the preservation of natural habitats and the sustainable use of resources. This ruling aligns with our core values and mission. We congratulate the people of Panama, the environmentalists, and all who stood firm in their fight against unsustainable mining practices. This victory serves as a beacon of hope and a powerful reminder that when communities come together for a common cause, positive change is indeed possible.

“Accountability: Why We Need to Count Social and Environmental Cost for A Livable Future”

A compelling argument for a new approach to accounting and sustainability, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the true cost of products, practices, and decisions beyond their literal dollar value.

“The Intersectional Environmentalist” by Leah Thomas

Thomas masterfully explores the concept of intersectional environmentalism, a perspective that acknowledges the interconnectedness of social injustices and environmental degradation.

“Global Climate Crisis Intensifies: Urgent Call for Accelerated Action to Limit Warming and Mitigate Impacts”

The current state of climate change remains a critical global issue, with recent reports highlighting increasing environmental, human, and economic tolls.

“Heart to Heart” by the Dalai Lama and Patrick McDonnell

The Dalai Lama shares profound insights on compassion, kindness, and the interconnectedness of all beings. His teachings are complemented by the whimsical and heartwarming illustrations of Patrick McDonnell, known for his simplicity and emotional depth.

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