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The Peace With Nature in Costa Rica documentary is out and being released to film festivals now.  More Info >

Peace With Nature

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Pax Natura Foundation works to promote and protect the ecological health and well being of the natural world through a diverse set of initiatives.”

Laying the Foundation for a Sustainable Future

Join us in declaring peace with nature and acknowledging our responsibility to the greater web of life, to one another, and to future generations. Read our Charter, and our Declaration.

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Help struggling communities thrive and lush forests survive.

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News & Updates 

pax trustees Maria and Jimena

Welcome Our New Trustees

We welcome Jimena Gárate González de la Vega and María Gárate to the Pax Natura Foundation board of trustees.
We are grateful to their commitment to our mission of preserving and protecting the natural world.

Dr. Ana Ruiz Diaz intervies

Radio Natura Episode 22: Dr. Ana Ruiz Diaz

Dr. Ana Ruiz Diaz discusses the court battle for agricultural justice in Mexico and the progress they have made in protecting the local gene pool of corn varieties in the country.

Radio Natura Episode 21: A Study Tour to Shimokawa, Hokkaido, Japan, Pt 2

A Study Tour to Shimokawa, Hokkaido, Japan: Part 2  Students and faculty from International Christian University went on a study tour to Shimokawa town, in the northern part of Japan (Hokkaido). It is 90% covered by forest and hence is a town rich in natural...

Radio Natura Episode 20: A Study Tour to Shimokawa, Hokkaido, Japan, Pt 1

Students and faculty from International Christian University went on a study tour to Shimokawa town, in the northern part of Japan (Hokkaido). This episode shares the teachings and reflections gathered from the locals.

Radio Natura Episode 19: Dr. Wilhelm Vosse

In this podcast episode, Dr. Wilhelm Vosse discusses lifestyle changes for a more sustainable future, what environmental security really means and how to help people care about the environment.

Radio Natura Episode 18: Hugh Bollinger, Part 3

Restoration doesn’t always have to be as big as saving a whole forest or a river, it can be done in your back yard! In this 3rd interview with Hugh Bollinger, he outlines several ways that we can all get involved.

Radio Natura Episode 17: Hugh Bollinger, Part 2

Building upon the principles laid out in part 1 with Hugh Bollinger, he explains how different environments and species can be nursed back to health through careful and educated intervention, with case studies.

Radio Natura Episode 16: Hugh Bollinger

For part one of this three part interview series, Pax Natura board member Hugh Bollinger explains the basic principles of restoration and ecology, and how they can be used to restore degraded landscapes to a healthy and stable state.

Radio Natura Episode 15: Steve Tolpinrud

In this interview, we speak with Pax Natura board member and agroecologist Steve Tolpinrud about his journey into agriculture and his experience working in Guatemala with the Campesino a Campesino project. Steve tells us what he’s learned about local food systems, the interplay between food, culture and activism, and farming as an act of love and connection to the land.

Radio Natura Episode 14 : Rohan Arora

Rohan Arora a Gen Z activist talks about his journey from graduating high school while starting Climate Cardinals in the middle of the pandemic to beginning his university studies while continuing his work at his own ONG The Community Check-Up and as an advisor for The American Lung Association. Rohan is a source of inspiration for anyone who is looking to get involved in the climate activism space, we hope he inspires you as much as he has inspired us.

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